Discover Korea like a local!

Backpacker Korea has been handling land tour arrangement in South Korea since October 2013. We’ve handled more than 100 groups since then, including series tours and private tours. Series tour means joining tour with other people, usually 15 people gathered in 1 group. Private tour means customized tour, where you can choose your own tour period and destination.

We provide tour programs with different styles. We are specialized in tours using public transportation such as subway and public bus. You can explore every corner in South Korea using public transportation without worrying about direction and time efficiency. In every season, there are some “ hidden places “ which have their own highlights. We take you to visit those “ hidden places “ depends on the tour period. And, you also can try various of Korean dishes which usually only known by local people.

So, let’s explore South Korea like you never before!

Unique Korean dishes

South Korea is known for its wide range of local delicacies. We invite you to savour the distinctive local dishes as recommended by Koreans themselves! Unlike most tours that serve you common dishes, our itinerary includes a hand picked selection of finest local restaurants, serving authentic and high quality food that delicate your taste buds.

Uncommon tourist spots

Even if you have visited South Korea before, we will take you to places that you have never known before! We collaborate with local Korean tour guides to explore exciting new and unique places, in conjunction with the country’s four different seasons. Be ready to show your unique Korean experience to your friends once you share your distinctive shots!