Discover Korea like a local!

You can enjoy sightseeing around South Korea using public transportation such as Subway and Public Bus without worrying about time efficiency. We also take you to try the various Korean dishes which only known by local people. Not only about Korean dishes, but we also take you to visit some hidden places in South Korea according to the highlight of the season and tour period.

Most wanted deals!

Summer 1 – 7 June 2019

Remaining slots : 5/15
* Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre
* Damyang Bamboo Forest
* Damyang Metasequoia Land
* Meta Provence
* Jeonju Hanok Village

US$ 580

Summer 4 – 10 June 2019

Remaining slots : 15/15
* Heyri Art Valley
* Paju Provence Village
* Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre
* Picnic Dinner @ Yeouido Hangang Park

US$ 470